Dani Tranchesi
Dani TranchesiPhotographer

“I have always been interested in the other, in landscapes where man is his own equal, in the reflections of everyday life, in cities inside and out, for existence in an empathic and generous way”.

Dani Tranchesi

Dani Tranchesi works between the limit of what belongs to her and what belongs to the ‘other’, between what can be considered common and what we call unusual. His imagery research is always a path to discoveries and experimentation: from the formal resources of digital photography to overlays, collages, flattenings, clippings, His images are always facing an incessant search to understand the limit between “seeing” and “seeing”.

His most recent work, the book and exhibition LINDO SONHO DELIRANTE, is the result of a year of research and studies alongside the writer, curator and editor, Diógenes Moura. It brings together images produced in São Paulo and Ilha do Marajó, between 2018 and 2019. It deals with humanities by bringing together the urban man, with his days between soot and asphalt and the inhabitants of fresh waters, always willing to count the stars.

Dani Tranchesi studied Communication at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing e Photography at Escola Panamericana de Arte.

Dani Tranchesi